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A permanet resident (PR) or a landed immigrant applies to persons who can enjoy the same rights as a Canadian Citizen except for the right to vote and a certain limitation to stay outside Canada. PRs can not be indicted with a serious crime or else they will lose their status. Successful permanent residents will be able to apply and become Citizens after taking a test and the oath of allegiance to the Queen. 

Permanent residents of Canada enjoy the same rights and privileges as Canadian citizens such as ability to apply to and work at any position, travel and re-enter Canada for a limited duration, free primary and secondary education, eligibility for higher education student loans, and social assistance.

To keep your permanent resident status, you must have been in Canada for at least 730 days during the last five years. These 730 days don’t need to be continuous. In some cases, the residency outside Canada counts toward Canadian residency. Please contact us for details and advice.

You can apply for permanent residency in Canada under one of the following categories.

Federal Skilled Worker Class
Federal Skilled Trades Class
Canadian Experience Class
Business Class
Family Class

Please contact us to know which category fits your situation.

If you are planning to become a Canadian permanent resident, please contact us to obtain and fill out our free evaluation form to have your qualifications reviewed by us. Based on a positive assessment, you will know under which category you can apply. 

After a total residency duration of 1,095 days in Canada (the residency does not need to be continuous) within 5 consecutive years, you can apply for Canadian citizenship. If you meet this requirement, you can ask us to send you  an evaluation form via our email “” and start the process.

We will reply to our retained clients within 24 hours and for new clients, while we try to meet the 24-hour mark, we will definitely get back to you note more than 72 hours or 3 calendar days.

While Canset does accept messages via Whatsapp or over the phone, e-mail is an effective document for legal advice and can be cited by the client if necessary and serve better in terms of durability and accessibililty.

If your consultation results in a retainer by Canest, this information sent via email will be included in your file and will help expedite and facilitate the services.

All payments should be sent directly to the trust account of the RCIC who retains the client. The information will be included in the retainer agreement with the relevant RCIC.

Immigration is a serious and life-changing underatking and we at Canset handle this through specialization and experience. We underastand that each immigration category requires the RCIC that has successfully handled similar cases over the years and is on top of the IRCC updates and regaulations that affect the processing of applications.  

As soon as a client is retained, a dedicated communication channel will be created through which the client will access the progress and share information.

There is no law that keeps an applicant to apply for immigration directly as is the case when somebody serves a complaint through a court of justice. Therefore, you don’t a legal representative either to apply for a visa or to immigrate. Canset addresses solely the demands before or during the application process and works with the Licensees who are authorized to represent clients before IRCC.

Many clients have told us stories of how they took time and effort and applied on their own and now they are disappointed after their applications were rejected. What should they do now?

While there is no one single answer to all the different cases that are not successful, a fundamental misunderstanding behind these rejections is that most of the applicants believe that submitting merely valid documents will lead to a positive outcome for their applications. 

If you are not sure of meeting the eligibility criteria for your application, you will not only risk losing a lot of time spent before and after your application, you might risk becoming ineligible to re-apply for years  to come.

To illustrate the issue here, consider an experienced painter who combines different colors to create a beautiful work of art while the paints alone do not have artistic appeal. 

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